Windows 8 gadgets

Something like 8 Gadget Pack
8gadgetpack is an utility that introduces the definitive Gadget project indexes on Windows 8 / 8.1.


I need to update / recently redesigned to Windows 8.1. Will 8gadgetpack still work after the overhaul? 

When you have Version 7 or later introduced, yes. If not you might as well overhaul 8gadgetpack to the present form. Essentially download the installer and run it. No compelling reason to uninstall first. You can additionally do this after you have overhauled to Windows 8.1. All contraption settings might as well remain. 

You might as well note however that Windows 8.1 presented a bug that averts devices to work when you have a high dpi setting empowered. I empowered a workaround in 8gadgetpack to impair DPI scaling for Gadgets in Windows 8.1. So the devices continue living up to expectations, however relying upon your DPI scaling they may look littler than they completed on Windows 8. Microsoft presumably won't settle this, yet I continue attempting to greatly improve the situation workaround.

Is it free?

Yes, absolutely.

Why we use gadgets

The gadgets  are truly suitable when working with the personnel  computer. Not at all like Metro-Apps gadgets  can access suitable information from system. The involved Clipboard-Manager gadgets  for instance will extereamly  enhance your profit. With the Sidebar gadgets, you can make the gadgets noticeable while working with maximize  windows. Overseeing network  visitors, with single click you can change the volume.


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